Audio visual rental UAE

About Levels

Levels is an audio/visual rental, design, and media systems integration company based in the United Arab Emirates.

Led by a team of passionate sound, lighting and visual enthusiasts, our global staff is made up of industry professionals who have gained varied experiences working across Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Collectively they bring more than 40 years of international experience to Levels.

Our sole mission is to deliver consistently high quality audio/visual services to our clients, and we do this by tailoring unique and innovative solutions to their specific individual needs.

Who we are?

Our strength is in our people.

The Levels team is comprised of specialists who boast a range of diverse skills in the wider audio visual landscape that are both relevant to our clients and conducive to their success.

Our staff of industry professionals includes Engineers, Technicians, Project Managers, DJs, VJs and Content Developers. Their respective expertise in these fields ensures that a competent and industrious team of sound, light and visual specialists will lead the smooth and efficient delivery of our services to all our clients, as well as adding value to each project delivered.


Engineers and Technicians:

Their extensive experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of audio visual systems and solutions ensures that our clients' high quality expectations are not only met, but also surpassed.

Project Managers:

Our Project Managers' experiences in delivering small to large scale projects provide our clients with the assurance that their requirements are fulfilled within specified timelines.

Moreover, we commit to the development of deliverables to the highest industry standards and ensure that each specific requirement of your business is met.

DJs, VJs and Content Developers:

Their professional experience in using audio visual systems as performers provides us with a unique, first-hand view of the intricacies of the world of audio visuals. This equips us with a competitive edge as we appreciate and implement the standards set not only by the audience, but also by existing professional artists in the industry. We believe that our experienced, dedicated and professional team will bring end-to-end industry expertise to every project managed and ensures that we deliver a suite of services that meet our clients' needs and consistently exceed their expectations.