Enhancing entertainment and hospitality experiences through the use of audio, video, lighting and special effects systems.

Our Brands

We work with a variety of brands to provide our clients with options and flexibility to meet their project criteria, whilst maintaining a strict adherence to high quality and reliable AVL systems

Our Service Offering


Acoustic Consulting
Event Design and Production Consulting
Venue Design Consulting for AVL Requirements


Exclusive Distribution of AVL Products to Integrators and Resellers

Event Production

Rental, Setup and Operation of AVL Products for Corporate, Entertainment, Nightlife and Wedding Events


Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of AVL Systems for Entertainment, Food & Beverage and Hospitality Venues

Our Family of Clients

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About Us

Levels is an audio, visual, lighting, staging and special effects (AVL) design, supply, distribution, rental and integration company based in the United Arab Emirates, with operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Europe.


Led by a team of passionate sound, lighting and visual enthusiasts, our global staff is made up of industry professionals who have gained varied experiences working across Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, India and United Arab Emirates. Collectively they bring more than 50 years of international experience to Levels.


Our sole mission is to deliver consistently high quality audio/visual services to our clients, and we do this by tailoring unique and innovative solutions to their specific individual needs.