BCH_CLB, Dubai

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Dubai, UAE

About This Project

BCH CLB Dubai is a premier luxury poolside leisure destination, offering curated global music, Mediterranean-inspired dining, and vibrant events. To ensure the ultimate sound experience for this electrifying venue, Levels AV was hired to install an extensive and sophisticated audio setup, leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge technology.


Levels AV, a leading provider in the AVL industry, was tasked with transforming BCH CLB Dubai’s audio landscape. Their team meticulously designed and installed a top-tier sound system using a wide range of L.Acoustics.official speakers. This comprehensive installation spans the entire venue, from the reception area to the pool cabanas, and from the indoor lounge to the terrace, ensuring consistent and high-quality sound throughout.


The selection of speakers includes the versatile 5XT, the powerful X8 and X12, the deep bass of the SB15, and the exceptional clarity of the SYVA. Each model was chosen to enhance the specific acoustics of its designated area, creating an immersive audio experience for guests.


With Levels AV’s expertise, BCH CLB Dubai now boasts an audio system that matches its luxurious ambiance and vibrant atmosphere. Guests can enjoy seamless sound quality whether they are relaxing by the pool, dining in the lounge, or dancing at one of the club’s lively events.


Come and immerse yourself in the perfect blend of luxury, entertainment, and impeccable sound at BCH CLB Dubai, where every corner resonates with the superior audio quality provided by Levels AV.