CLAP London, United Kingdom


CLAP London


United Kingdom

About This Project

CLAP London is a fine-dining Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Knightsbridge, known for its multiple floors and breathtaking city views. To complement its sophisticated ambiance and enhance the overall dining experience, we installed a state-of-the-art audio system throughout the venue.

On the Ground Floor, Clap Cafe greets guests with an immersive audio experience powered by L.Acoustics 4Xi and SB6i speakers, creating an inviting atmosphere right from the entrance. These are complemented by 5XT speakers strategically placed to ensure optimal sound coverage and clarity, making the arrival experience as pleasant as possible.

The 6th Floor houses the main Clap venue, where the combination of 5XT speakers and SB10i subwoofers delivers superior audio quality. This setup ensures that diners enjoy a seamless blend of background music and clear audio, enhancing the dining atmosphere without overpowering conversations. The precise audio installation helps maintain the venue’s elegant and serene environment.

Moving up to the 7th Floor, Ongaku features both indoor and terrace areas, each with a unique audio setup to match their distinct vibes. The bar area is equipped with X8 speakers, providing robust and clear sound perfect for a lively bar setting. In the main area, 5XT speakers and SYVALOW subwoofers are used to deliver a balanced audio experience, ensuring music is both powerful and clear without being intrusive.

The terrace, offering a stunning view of the city, is fitted with 4Xi and SB6i speakers. This outdoor setup ensures that even in open-air conditions, the sound quality remains consistent and premium, enhancing the alfresco dining and social experience.

Our meticulous audio installations at Clap London aim to elevate the overall ambiance, providing a cohesive and high-quality sound experience across all floors, ensuring every guest enjoys the perfect blend of fine dining and exceptional audio.