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About This Project

1REBEL, Dubai


GQ Magazine’s proclaimed ‘King of Gyms’ finally arrived to the shores of Dubai, UAE; and, not to fall short on their reputation, the 1REBEL team brought to this one-of-a-kind gymnasium their pinnacle level of AV Production and Technology. Levels AV was short listed during the design and project commercialization phase, which led to detailed design development, project construction and delivery.

1REBEL have developed several sub-brand products within their now semi global footprint, with clubs spanning across the UK, Middle East and Australia – each of these products has a unique AV Experimental element to its story, and each iteration of the products themselves are always subjected to assessments of new technologies that will further push the boundaries. The Dubai outlet featured two of these renown sub brands, ‘RIDE’ and ‘RESHAPE’ as well as the groups first either ‘Open Gym’, which features 1REBEL’s vision of how a multi-featured weight/cardio zone would be.



This is the pinnacle of intensity training, with a bike. A fully fledged, nightclub entertainment AV system was designed and deployed into RIDE, created a total AV immersive expeirence. Custom TETRIS Shape LED Cube blocks run engagement and high impact visuals, that couple dynamic lighting with RGB Animation laser FX, RGB laser bar FX, moving RGBW Spot heads, ParZoom lights and SharBar Multi-LED Beam Bars. Powerful, nightclub grade sound from EM Acoustics fills the space, along with haze FX for increasing the Light FX show.

A 24” Control Panel resides on a custom stand mount system at the trainers station. RIDE is governed by a custom engineered and programmed PixiLabs Media and AV Automation system, presiding over an Avolites Titan Management system for DMX. Simplified local AV controls allow easy access over the system when the trainer is in used, with a triggering system that allows trainers to cue up and sequence integrated media, Light FX and sound tracks together. Special nights in the room also feature a DJ that’s connects in and plays in tandom with the trainers.



HIIT in a completely engaging manner is the business of RESHAPE. 20 High-end Treadmills, 20 high-end Weight boxes allow classes to perform fast switch over between cardio and weights in a nightclub style environment. Light FX, powerful sound and integrated control is vital for the classes to succeed in creating and maintaining the high intensity experience of these classes.

Multiple beamwash style moving heads, compliment integrated RGBW spots to the treadmills to create the light FX, while another powerful EM Acoustics sound system delivers the high output sound required to drive the energy. iPad stations were deployed allowing system control, again via Pixilabs and Avolites.



The large centre workspace of the space, the Open Gym is home to a high complex, totally custom lighting solution design, built and fixed by Levels. The ‘Sunburst’ feature is a XXX channel, RGB Pixel LED System floating 4M off the ground below the service ceiling of the area. The feature begins with a 6M diameter circular section that spans a central building column of the area. 17 unequal ‘burst’ spans flow outwads from the circular section, with some spanning some 20+ meters in length reaching the furtheest most parts of the space; while interior sections to the arc connect to the column. Each span has 3 independent lines of LED along each piece, accounting for the sheer channel count the feature has.

Flanking the entry side wall, as well as the feature wall space on the Reception, the CUBE Wall is a design feature of the space, offering a visual view of the product 1REBEL delivers: Tough, Solid, Industrial. The CUBE walls offered up the chance to further the stunning visual effect of the Sunburst by allowing further RGB Pixel LED strips to be integrated within the CUBE patterns.

The Open Gym Pixel systems are controlled by MADRIX, with more than 20 universes of DMX being allocated to drive the high levels of detail. Additionally, Avolites controls several controlled Parzoom units that created silhouette and cylinder light effects to all of the weight machine arrays across the floor.


Integrated Features

As previously mentioned the entire system is governed by Pixilabs and Avolites; while dedicated custom media and contentn servers feed into the zones. A custom 3 tier, 4 side LED Ring screen floats above the entrance to the Gym itself, that creates visual FX on messages and information to visitors on arrival. A Pharos system integrtates within the back end of the system allowing full DMX control over all architectural lighting through all ares as well as the Reception, Changing Rooms. The aptly named Aniticpation Zone – where attendess sit and await their classes – has another MADRIX lighting system using pixel bulb units on the ceiling.

All sound and systems are controlled via Xilica; with Linea Research amplifiers driving the more than 40 EM Acoustics speakers and subwoofers. Muxlab solutions integrate media and content server to the displays.