The Birdcage, Dubai

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The Bird Cage


Dubai, UAE

Audio, Lighting
About This Project

Fast becoming the entertainment hot spot for Business Bay, The Pullman Hotel, has developed an array of fine dining and entertainment projects within one space. The Birdcage was the development of hotel GM and F&B specialist Alex Musch, a slick late-night dining-to-club venue that would entertain guests until the early morning hours.


Levels were consulted earlier on to review the space and determine the best approach for audio and show lighting systems, while also addressing acoustic issues based on the proposed design of the space. After several reviews and considerations, the clients ultimately chose to go with an L-Acoustics sound system as they understood the value to guests, performers and their product; by investing in the best sound system possible.


The sound system comprises two, separate but at the same time integrated systems. A main PA solution for the Nightclub operations was deployed at the stage with a set of A15 ConstantCurvature Arrays on each side, an A15FOCUS and A15WIDE cabinet allowed moderate projection of controlled energy into the makeshift dance floor spaces, while the speakers are mated to a pair ofKS21 Reference level 21” subwoofers. The second system is a distributed solution that performs for the mid-level output Restaurant and Lounge Functions, which also then elevates for foreground levels during the club mode. A total of 11 X8 speakers in a 6+5 arrangement down the venue provide this coverage, with these speakers being supported by 5 SB15m 15” Subwoofers, arrayed in 2x 2-stack and a single unit by the Bar end. The system is controlled by a Xilca FR1 processor and has both LA4X and LA2Xi amplifiers from L-Acoustics driving all speaker and subwoofer cabinets.


The sound systems overall performance was aiding by some dedicated and bespoke, acoustic treatment solutions fixed into the space. Like many venues of its class in the market, the natural room acoustics were skewed towards the harmful and destrucutive side of the equation; solid tile floors, non absorbing gypsum board ceiling, a plastered finish wall and a glass curtain wall along the sides sadly gave way to impossible to manage early, secondary and cluster reflections, substantial RT and a lack of clarity in the systems musicality. Given the late night operations, the venue committed to a heavy duty, multi-bump acoustic curtain to cover the glass façade wall. To then compliment this, a series of black matched acoustic absorbers will fitted into al of the 45 ceiling recesses, and some 100 sqm of acoustic felt was fitted to the underside of all tables, chairs and seats to assist with trapping some of the floor reflections. Clarity of the space was improved by these affects and the venue can now generate their desired sound output levels with less discomfort for the listeners and performers.