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Terra Solis by Tomorrowland


Dubai, UAE

Audio, Lighting
About This Project

There was always going to be a high degree of excitement with the team, when the chance to work on Terra Solis by Tomorrowland appeared, as it was in essence working with the Number 1 Electronic Music Festival brand in the world and their first venture into a dedicated entertainment venue. Yet, and critically, the project needed focus and attention on making sure that it created and has its own, unique identity which aligns with:

  • Its location away from the city
  • Being a Dubai ‘Destination’
  • Offering more than dance festivals weekend after weekend

The driving partner behind the creation of Terra Solis, engaged with Levels early during the construction phase, to look at ways in which their identity and goals would be best served from an AVL point of view. Terra Solis is a destination within the desert dunes of outer Dubai, an organic place that feels natural amongst its surroundings, a venue that must stand the test of time while offer guests several experiences. While entertainment is a core offering of the destination, so too is lifestyle, relaxation, exploration and disconnection from the world.

Immediately clear from the moment Levels confirmed the ability to deliver, L-Acoustics was to be the sound system of choice – both for the day-to-day systems within the space and any future system brought in for events and other one-off occasions. However, while it was clear that the loudspeaker brand that has driven Tomorrowland from the very earliest days of its existence until now would be used; how, what and why would be best for Terra Solis needed evaluation. Simulation work, complimented with on site testing, allowed the equipment chosen to be correctly dialed in and supplied.

For Phase 1, which considered the everyday spaces of the Main Pool, the Fort Bar and MESA Restaurant, a combination of speaker systems were chosen:

  • A ground stack K3 solution, with 4 x K3 per side sat on top of 2 x KS28 for the Main Pool
  • A semi suspended SYVA system, with SYVA, SYVA LOW and SB15m’s for the Fort Bar
  • A distributed 5XT and SB15m solution for the MESA Restaurant
  • A mobile A10/KS21 system for DJs, ensuring tech rider compliant monitoring across the venue

Substantial infrastructure was then laid in for the show production sound systems which featured multiple input/output points across the various stage points the venue offered. Levels further undertook the full site survey, study and design of the Event Space wide AV systems backbone and infrastructure systems – which would ultimately lead to the deployment of the show visual FX, laser FX and sound systems for the branded events that were to take place.

In addition to the sound system works, Levels was consulted and engaged to manage the detailed design, supply and technical commissioning of the architectural lighting control systems and DMX lighting units themselves. A comprehensive RAKO lighting control system was design to deploy across no less than 9 node points, which were defined during the site wide infrastructure design. More than 100 DMX circuit channels were deployed in the campus lighting with a vast array of DMX lighting fixtures from strips, to spots, to washers.

Terra Solis has opened to an overwhelmingly positive response. The venue continues to build on this and it is with immense gratitude and pride that we were fortunate enough to work with them on this amazing project.